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Introducing Event Log: Live interviews with local meetup organizers, speakers and attendees.


Hey, Jess here. I've been running the React Sydney Meetup for 3.5 years now, and I'm close to launching my new business, Cete; "A place for organisation & discovery of local tech meetups". Now, I'm trying something new: this podcast called the Event Log.

My goal is to highlight the amazing organisers of our most loved local events; tell their stories and give you the tips and tricks you need to get up on stage or to run your own event. Each episode is a fireside chat between myself and an organiser, recorded live at one of their events.

And! If you're running a Meetup today, I'd love for you to check out; it's the tool you've been missing to help schedule your speakers and manage your events as well as taking RSVPs. You can get early access right now at (that's B E T A dot C E T E dot IO), and it's 100% free! If you're running a regular event, I think it's pretty cool, so go check it out;

To be the first to hear the interviews as they're released, search for "Event Log" in your podcast player and hit subscribe. You'll hear from me soon!


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